Download binary files for ffmpeg, ffprobe, ffserver and ffplay

ffbinaries provides statically linked binary files (executables) for ffmpeg, ffprobe, ffserver and ffplay.

Binaries are available for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can grab what you need from Downloads page.

Using ffbinaries in your project

You can use it through ffbinaries Node.js module which makes it easy to automatically download the right binaries for your platform or to integrate into your build process.

You can also connect directly to the HTTP API to integrate it yourself in your projects.

Alternatively just grab the correct files from Downloads page or the GitHub repo which hosts the binary files.

Update: Added versions 3.3 and 3.4

As of 18 November 2017 ffbinaries adds support for versions 3.3 and 3.4 of ffmpeg suite.

The "latest" version (which is the default setting in ffbinaries npm module) is now also pointing to version 3.4.

You can still link to the previous version (3.2) by specifying it in API or npm module.